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Hi there, I’m Tyler

I’ve been an architectural builder for the past decade and have worked for various companies and built some amazing projects for my clients.

I am a Cantabrian born and bred and love Christchurch for all it has to offer and its close proximities to my favourite hobbies which include snow and surf.

I understand you are all busy either enjoying hobbies or spending time on other commitments and the dreaded W word – work. You probably never truly have the time to complete all those chores on the ever growing and never-ending list, or even find the time to put your feet up and enjoy your family and friends in this lovely place you call home.

This is where Tropicana outdoor construction comes into play. We can do all those maintenance and building jobs to make your life easier and to brighten up your back yard.

Why Tropicana?

Creative designs and solutions

Locally owned and operated

Experts in building and landscaping

Over 20 years of combined experience